The Weekend Store

berealstayreal asked:

how's your clothing line coming along?

Its good… there’s been a little hold up because I went to France with the crew (not for clothing purposes just for fun). The holliday was amazing …But now were back on track!! Hot a lot of behind the scene stuff to do plus some accounting exams for when the money starts flowing ;) So in short we’re all very busy!!

New designer found!!! temprecha: fashion designer/stylist/illustrator/ all rounder street art junky… and he has his own clothing line… what you think?


Tempracha camp caps are available as off today,via mail -order,just check the contact us page and hit up one of our members.locally all orders should be received via courier services within 3-4 days and in durban we deliver on a personal basis…….SOON to be available in JHB THESIS concept store & OZLO concept store………

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